It's Simple Really

~Be Irriplacable, Be Unforgettable, Be Different.~

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So, I'm getting a laptop in the mail soon. My very own computer. I'm so excited! You have no clue!

Shake It
Confessing your thoughts
Confessing your heart
Confessing your fears
Confessing yourself.
Make me wonder
Make me think
Make me sing
Make me fall.
Tell me secrets
Tell me sins
Tell me something
Tell me this.
Look around the sky
Look around the world
Look around nature
Look around yourself.
Sing the song of friendship
Sing the song of love
Sing the song of hatred
Sing the song of soul.
Give me peace
Give me love
Give me warmth
Give me you.


Poem... It's not done!

You all just sit there judging.
staring with emty thoughts.
Wondering why I watch you.
Wondering if you care.
Do you even know me.
Sitting in the crowd.
Listening to you complain.
About the empty dark.
Screaming out the window.
Reaching out crying.
Reaching for my name.
Scream to me.
Tell me something dangerous.
Judge me so sweetly.
Gently let the anger course.
Letting blood drip so softly.
Quiet now.
You'll never let me live this down.
Still judging. Still judging.

Thinking on selling this place...
If I didn't need to eat or sleep I'd buy myself a typewriter.. Good song indeed one of my favorites to say the least.
Being thoughtful and thinking are two totally different things, like relationships, and friends. Family and fights. Singing before work or screaming after. It's all a choice.
I want to drive to Missouri I wanna see Dalton. I would love to see him right away no doubt. But 24 hour drives need a lot of planning.. I wanna get at least four days off.. So I can spend some time with him, I'm excited just thinking about it. But I'm also scared,
What if he doesn't like what he sees? What if I'm not good enough?  I know I'm a good person, I keep getting told, but hearing it 1000000000000000000000000000 times doesn't make me change my mind.
I'm always feeling below par. Below average. Is this normal?

Bracelets and Trash Bags
I was cleaning my room today, found my senior year book.... No one signed it.. FML

Dunder Mifflin and friends

Justin just said it's either a baby or I'm gunna open the Oreos wrong

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Listening Softly

Does anyone really want to know?
How I really feel?
What I know?
Who I am?

What is really going on here when I'm not around?
Who laughs when I cry?
Who speaks when my back is turned?
Or when I'm watching what should I be seeking?

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So I blogging from my new iPod touch! This feels so weird I am not kidding... The keys are very hard to type with. Weeeee

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Ring Tones on the Sun
So where to begin? I'm not sure...........

Noises in the Light
I'm not really sure on what to start on. Last night was so much fun, I can't even start to describe how much fun I had with Jess, British Accents and fearing for my life in china town in Mass...
I'm not really sure on what I should write about, Ramen soup, mmm desert cook books, and getting lost in China Town that was alot of fun!!!


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