It's Simple Really

~Be Irriplacable, Be Unforgettable, Be Different.~

She pushes the blade in to her skin,
Upon her lips she bares nasty grins.
Shaking her head she closes her eyes,
Small tears of delight fall to the floor.
Little drops of nevermore fall,
All for one she mumbles softly.
And one for all...

When I close my eyes
I slowly think of you.
Always standing by my side
Doing everything you could do.

You only had one thing in mind
I always had your heart.
Warning me of bad choices
Giving me fresh starts.

I've lost the road I used to be on
You tried to pull be back.
But I never seemed to understand
That you've always kept me on that track.

Please never lose me in your heart
Don't ever let me go.
I've only got two words to say
Thank you, I just thought that you should know.


Work in Progress
You think you have me figured out,
You think you have me trained.
You think you have me under your thumb,
Maybe you should think again.

You're not going to take me now,
Not this time not ever.
You're not going to play my heart,
Not now not forever.

If all you do is break hearts,
If all you do is play.
If all you do is mess with minds,
You might as well just walk away.

Worth While
I'm nothing but a silhouette,
I'm nothing but a frame,
I'm nothing but a single thought,
Nothing worth the time of day.

I'm nothing but a forgotten place,
I'm nothing but a shattered smile,
I'm nothing but a broken heart,
Nothing that is worth while.

So when you see me,
Please don't stop or stare,
For when you see me,
Nothing will be there.

Tracy and Luke
Tracy: I can neither confirm nor deny that fact..
Me: So you've seen it...
Luke Tracy and Me: LOL

Just turn around and walk away I'm sick and tired of dealing with this. Just turn away and shut your mouth. Stop you're judging and just walk away. Close your eyes and smile a wicked grin. Keep your thoughts to yourself while you speak your rotten mind. Just turn around and walk away. Don't let me follow you don't let me beg. Please just keep walking please just stay dead. Stop your endless judging. Stop your foolish talking. I don't want to hear it.

Sprinkles...if that is your real name!
So it's snowing out, it's cold and dark. I still feel attacked by a lot of people. And  I'll never feel happy with out you there.... great

Two weeks notice
Trying to write something passionate is very hard, music doesn't help cause I end up typing the lyrics to the song. Its been a while since I've written a poem so I'm trying again. But I'm not able. I have to wake up at six am tomorrow morning for work at hell... I need to get out of that place. I swear they are trying to run me raggid.. Fuck 'em! I can't stand working there so I don't know why I'm still there. It's been a year since I've started working there and I got a 7 cent raise... whoopiefuckingdo.... more like a fucking slap in the face.. I wanna leave for good but I'm too afraid of them bad mouthing me if I use them as a reference. Cause then I won't get hired. I've called out alot and I pulled a no call no show just yesterday..
I'm trying to apply at the hospital close by as either a secretary or a cook.
I'd rather try being a secretary but idk I like working with food but I hate all the rules.. That's why I hate working at target so many fucking rules to learn and so much shit to deal with is fucking gay. and I fucking love gay people!
I want to get into a different field of work like the post office or secretary.. I love dealing with people and helping them and talking but I can't have a decent convo with food grrr

(no subject)
I'm dreaming of a day where you would just look at me and say yes. To be with me and to wander around just walking holding hands. I would love to hug you when you needed me the most but you just push me away I don't know what to do. I so god damned confused its not even funny. 
I just want to sit and cry bite my lip and let you calm me. But let me do the same for you when you cry lean on me let me hug you and try to calm those tender nerves. Please just let me be there for you, let me please just let me in.
You know I worry and you know my heart. Please stop talking to me like a child. I'm not stupid and I'm not weak. I know who he is and I trust him completely and yet you sit there and tell me why you don't trust him and that I should watch out for myself.. It hurts my feelings that you're not more happy for me for being happy with where I am in my life at this moment in time.
I know you mean well and I only want to cry for feeling so selfish so rude and so scared. I don't feel comforted I don't feel at ease, you make me all up tight and just watch me bleed.

Did I do something wrong? Did I forget something so very important....

There is fire on the horizion.
There is trouble in the air.
There is something very wrong.
Something won't compair.
Why do I just sit here.
Take these constant beatings.
Watch my tears fall and smile.
Cross your arms and watch.
Scream at me your morals.
Raise your fist real high.
Kick your foot real hard.
Show me the angry that won't subside.

If you're going to care,
Please care nicely.
If you're going to share,
Please share fully.
If you're going to cry,
Please use my shoulder.
If you're going to laugh,
Please laugh louder.
If you're going to be,
Please be with me.
If you're going to choose,
Please choose carefully.
If you're going to leave,
Please don't be gone long.
If you're going to stay,
Please make your self at home.
If you're going to look,
Please look my way.
If you're going to smile,
Please say cheese.


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